project 333


The project 333 band plays improvised chamber music. 

Our inspiration is rooted in freedom, concentrated attention, silence. No style, just sounds, no clichés, just presence. The instruments come from free improvisation genres, the music is more towards contemporary chamber music. 


Our latest recordings

Upcoming events:

29/04/2023 Magvető Café

27/05/2023 Magvető Café

11/06/2023 Dürer kert, Tilos maraton

24/06/2023 Magvető Café

Band members:

Roskó Gábor - saxophone
Mákó Rozi - synthesizers
Tarnay Károly - bass guitar
Héjja János - guitar
Tarnay Timon - percussion, trumpet
Szomora Gábor - drum, percussion

Past members, guest artists:

Zakar István - bass guitar
Sárvári Kovács Zsolt - drum
Billy Prim -  drum
Matthew  Mitchell - baritone saxophone, guitar
Haraszty Dóra - flute
Bátki László - violin


Roskó Gábor: +36204963918


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